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send parcel France
  send parcel France send parcel France
send parcel France


Send parcels to France and forward them anywhere in the world

send parcel France
  • Do you need an address in France to receive parcels and have them reshipped anywhere in the world ?
  • Do you order on the Internet but the retail store only delivers to France ?

We can receive your parcels at an address in France and forward them immediately everywhere in the world.

Domiciliation courrier France voyageurs expatriés avec lecture courrier Internet sur


Step 1: Registration

Register online and you will receive immediately an email from us with your mailbox address in France as well as the detailed mode of operation of our parcels relay service.

Step 2. Purchase and Delivery

You can use your mailbox address in France as delivery address with any retail store. Your parcels will be shipped to us by the retailer.

Step 3. Payment

Before we receive your parcels, make sure that we have everything needed to forward them to you:

  • your forwarding address (you may update it anytime)
  • enough credit on your account to cover the shipping costs.

Step 4. Daily receipt of your parcels

We receive your parcels every working day whether delivered by the Post Office or by private carrier (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.). If necessary, we pay the customs duties and other transport taxes claimed on delivery on your behalf.

Once delivered, your parcels are taken care of: we check if they are damaged, number them and record them. You will then receive an email informing you of the identity of the sender, the weight and dimensions of your parcels.

Step 5. Immediate forwarding of your parcels

Your parcels are forwarded the same day they are received: no action taken by you is necessary to trigger the shipment.

We ship everywhere in the world (Europe, Asia, America, Africa...) by the Post Office with signature or by private carrier.

We carry out the customs formalities and verify if the invoices of your purchases are affixed on the parcels to avoid that they are blocked in clearance zone.

Step 6. Tracking your parcels

As soon as your parcels are ready to go, you receive an email indicating the tracking number. This email also tells you the shipping costs that you have been charged. You can follow the shipment routing on the Internet.

Domiciliation courrier France voyageurs expatriés avec lecture courrier Internet sur


On request, we can also:

  • Store your parcels in our offices for several days or several weeks and reship them at the date of your choice (for example: sending a present for a birthday)
  • Recondition your parcels: if you receive several small / medium parcels, we can group them and send only one large parcel.
  • Split a parcel in several parcels in order to reduce its total weight and to be able to send them back by the Post Office (maximum authorized weight = 30 kg)
  • Dispatch a parcel: open it in order to dispatch the items to different persons and addresses.
  • Consolidate your parcel for a more secure shipment (warranty tape, reinforcement tape, double/triple wall boxes)
  • Perform a quality control: check the contents of your parcels (especially in case of fragile content), carry out an inventory of goods before forwarding or storage.
  • Insure your shipment in case of valuable content
  • Conceal the content of your parcels with an opaque stretch wrap for more discretion.
  • Photograph your parcels so that you can visualize its general appearance.


Receiving and forwarding parcels is a service usually reserved to customers who also require that we manage their mail. For other customers, our legal service requires the following guarantees, designed to prevent internet fraud and to minimize storage in our offices :

  • You must subscribe to one of our basic mail forward pricing package.
  • We need a copy of your passport.
  • We require that you pay 3 months of service as well as the money amount necessary to ship your first parcel. Minimum amount : 50 euros.

If one of the preceding requirements is not yet met when our staff receives a parcel for you, our invoicing system will charge storage fees to your account: 7 euros / week / parcel.

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