Address France Certificate

Address France Certificate

Can Ubidoca send me proof of residence ?

Ubidoca is not authorised by law to issue you with proof of residence. Only service providers attached to a physical address such as EDF, Engie (GDF), water authorities, Internet access providers or fixed telephony providers can do so.

NB : no domiciliation company or related website can provide proof of residence to an individual. In all cases, it can only be a certificate of postal address.

What document can Ubidoca provide me to authenticate my address with my correspondents, especially the administration ?

Ubidoca can provide you, upon request, with a postal address certificate (for individuals) or a commercial address certificate (for companies, self-employed entrepreneurs and associations registered within our company). Simply contact us via our contact form. You then receive your certificate within the next 24 hours.

What is the value of the postal address certificate provided by Ubidoca ?

It certifies that you receive your mail at our address, within a postal domiciliation company approved by the Prefecture. This certificate may be requested by your bank in particular, in order to be able to send your statements and other bank letters to an address validated by you. In the case of companies that have signed a domiciliation contract with Ubidoca, the commercial domiciliation certificate certifies that the company is legally registered within our company (i.e. that its registered office is located at our address).

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