Also called Poste Restante

Would you like to receive your mail at a post office in France or anywhere in the world ? You need to have it sent to General Delivery, also called "Poste Restante".

How does General Delivery work in France ?

Is using General Delivery anonymous ?

This allows you to have your mail sent to a different address than your own, but you need to present a proof of you identity (ID card or passport) to collect your mail. You can not have your mail sent under a pseudonym.

NB : only you can pick up your mail.

How long are mail stored ?

Your mail are stored for 2 weeks after their arrival at the post office.

NB : some offices are more "lenient" than others regarding this storage time.

Does General Delivery exist in other countries ?

Is receiving mail by General Delivery reliable ?

You are going on a trip or you do not have a permanent address ? UBIDOCA can act as a General Delivery for you.

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