Internet Visibility

Address France Internet Visibility

Would you like to publish your Ubidoca office address on your website ?

You are running a blog, a Youtube channel and want to have a postal address in France to communicate to your subscribers ?

What is this service about ?
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  • By choosing this service you can use your Ubidoca postal address in France for your website, in order to keep your personal address private.
  • Once your registration is complete, send us the address of your website so that we can authorize this insertion and update your customer record.

The advantages of this service :
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  • You have a postal address in France to give to your customers or subscribers.
  • You can receive gifts and letters sent by your fans if you are a blogger or youtuber, while preserving your privacy.

How much does it cost ?

Service Cost
Ubidoca address on Internet 5 euros per month

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