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How to receive and activate my Ubidoca address ?

You will receive your Ubidoca address by email as soon as you have completed your online registration on our website. It is activated upon receipt of your first payment.

Do I have to enter "Ubidoca Center + my customer number" in my address ?

Without this mention, your couriers and parcels can not be identified as to be distributed to our address by the postal services and the private carriers. This mention also makes it possible to differentiate your Ubidoca address from your personal home, your Ubidoca address being only a correspondence address. In addition, the regulations applicable to registered companies address require the precise identification of mail, invoices and other client documents, in particular by the use of a customer number and the reference to the registered company address.

How do I receive my mail at my new Ubidoca address ?

Simply subscribe online to a transfer contract with La Poste or give your Ubidoca address directly to your correspondents. If you subscribe to an online contract with the Post Office, make sure you can get the activation code in your old mailbox. If you have already left your home, you must move to the post office of your choice to activate your contract (NB: do you provide in this case your contract and identity cards of all persons concerned by the transfer).

When will I receive my mail at my Ubidoca address ?

If you have subscribed to a transfer contract with the Post Office, allow at least 5 days to set up the transfer and start sending your mail to Ubidoca. If 10 days after the implementation of the transfer contract, no mail arrives at Ubidoca, we advise you to contact the Post Office at 3631 (from abroad: 0033 810 821 821) to report the incident.

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