Mail Storage in France

Address Mail in France and Storage

Are you travelling or on a business trip ?

You don't have any stable address at the moment ?

What is this service about ?
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  • We store and archive your mail during your absence (with no limit of time). You have the possibility at any time to request a complete forwarding when you are back from your trip for example.
  • All your mail (simple mail, registered mail, advertisment, magazine...) are kept in a dedicated and secure space. Your mail is in a safe place.
  • When you no longer wish us to store your mail, simply send us an email or contact us by phone. All your mail is then forwarded and the mail storage revoked. You receive your mail again according to the frequency of your forwardings : either once a month, or every 2 weeks, or once a week, or every day.

The advantages of this service :
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  • You receive all your mail whenever you want at the address of your choice.
  • The mail storage service has no limit of time : we can store your mail for several months or several years. You can travel with complete peace of mind and be sure to receive all your mail when you are back.
  • You can request "mail storage" at any time, whenever you are away for more than a month.
  • You have the benefit of a secure storage space in our premises.

How much does it cost ?

Monthly Plans Micro Eco Standard Gold Diamond no package
Monthly cost 2 € 2 € 4 € 6 € 10 € 4 €
Monthly Plans Monthly cost
micro 2 €
eco 2 €
standard 4 €
gold 6 €
diamond 10 €
no package 4 €

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