In which case should I contact the non-resident tax centre ?

Sometimes the tax situation is not entirely in the hands of France or the country of establishment. Thus, expatriates who continue to receive income from French sources are taxable only for that income at the non-resident tax centre.

This may include income and capital gains from real estate located in France, salaries paid as a result of an activity carried on in France, public remuneration paid by the French State or income from securities.

What means of control does the administration have at its disposal ?

It is not uncommon for taxpayers to think they are smart enough to thwart the system. Thus, residents of northern France exercising a professional activity in Belgium may be tempted to elect tax domicile there in order to avoid payment of the wealth tax. But this is without counting on the investigative powers of the French tax authorities, which have access to all administrative data : EDF, France Télecom, school enrolment. It may also relocate the taxpayer's true place of residence.

The drafting of the international employment contract

In the European Union (EU), the employer must comply with certain obligations in accordance with EEC Directive 91-533 of 14/10/1991.

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