Expatriation : what will your employment contract be ?

When you go to work abroad, you have the choice between 2 types of professional status : remain attached to French law or attach yourself to the law of the country in which you settle. This choice is fundamental since it will determine all the rest of your settlement outside France, whether professional, social, tax and family, as well as your rights upon your return to France.

There is no standard international employment contract. The employment contract therefore depends on the goodwill of the parties involved (you and your employer). The finalized document, dated and signed by both parties, is therefore a valuable guarantee for the smooth running of your expatriate assignment. Its preparation therefore requires great vigilance on your part.

Overview Index

1. The detachment :

This plan applies to employees of companies based in France (even if they belong to an international group). The basic principle is as follows : the company "lends" one or more employees to a subsidiary or other company to provide it with a service of a more or less limited duration.


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