Prepare for your retirement : your years abroad

Today, more and more of us are moving abroad, by choice or not. The labour market has become global - and so much the better when you look at the unemployment rates in some countries. But in this case, how can we not lose all these years of work when we return to France ? Whether this return takes place before or during our retreat. Don't worry, we won't (all) have to go back to work at 67 to complete our retirement ! Solutions exist !

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the country where you are expatriating is one of those with agreements with the French social security system. This is the case for all European Union and EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) - fortunately for all the daily workers commuting between France and neighbouring countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland (nearly 300,000 border workers in Switzerland alone).

If your country of expatriation does not have an agreement with France, four solutions are available to you :

  1. Be forward-thinking by setting money aside (easier said than done) ;
  2. Moving to a country with an agreement with France ;
  3. Take out retirement insurance with the "Caisse des Français à l'étranger" ;
  4. Agree not to retire in France, since it is good to live on the shores of foreign beaches.

In conclusion, get on your phone and contact your pension fund quickly to find out if you need to worry about the future or not. Depending on your activity, the numbers vary :

These special French issues

If you are outside France, you will probably have unpleasant surprises to reach these special numbers... And yes, global world, but this is not always the case with French telephony with the aberration of surcharged numbers. Don't worry, we also have the solution for you with the site which allows you to contact all short, special and surcharged French numbers from abroad.

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