Pay Invoices in France

Address France Pay Invoices

When you are away from France, and you need to pay invoices issued from France on a regular basis, you may find that the bank fees are too high compared to the amounts of your invoices.

We can make these payments on your behalf. Our fee is 5 credits per invoice, plus 1.6% of the invoice amount (standard credit card fee). All you need to do is :

Our accountant then proceeds with the payment within the next business day and you get an email confirmation when it is done.

Once you have a customer account with us, you may also use the French mail address that we provide to you. You can give that mail address to the organizations that send you bills via postal mail. On reception, our staff scans your paper invoices in your secured mail box and you receive an email to that effect. All you have to do is to click on the invoices that you wish us to pay on your behalf.

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