Office Address France

Office Address Company France

Are you looking for an office address in France that enables you to manage your company remotely ?

Are you planning to extend your business and establish a second office or a new branch in France ?

Do you want to reduce your investments to establish your company in France ?

Do you require assistance to create your company ?

With UBIDOCA, you can :
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  • establish your company at low fees (no commercial lease, less tax contribution...)
  • have a personal assistance to establish your company in France : registration process, declaration formalities etc.

The advantages of this service :
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  • You have a permanent company address in France. This includes less formalities in case you decide to relocate your business.
  • You can read your mail by internet wherever you are.
  • You can use our complementary services such as invoice payment on your behalf and local printing of documents to be sent.
  • All your mail and parcels are received and treated each day (see our three mail processing methods below); you have more time to devote yourself to your company.

Questions on virtual offices in France ?
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  • Virtual offices are nowadays an ideal alternative to renting a professional office. It is also an optimal solution that combines flexible logistics with services adapted to your company's first needs.
  • A few explanations about virtual offices in France.
  • For more informations about setting up a company in France, follow this link.

How much does it cost ?

Service Cost
Registered company address in France 16.67 euros per month + VAT

The first 3 months of subscription are required for a new registration.

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