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What office address in France ?

Companies registered in the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) are free to choose, at the time of their registration, for their registered office :

What is a virtual office company in France ?

Governed by decree no. 85-1280 of 5 December 1985, virtual office companies must provide entrepreneurs and company founders with an address for their company headquarters as well as additional services to help them in their development.

In addition to a registered address, virtual office companies generally provide a large number of services : mail forwarding or delivery services, secretarial and hotline services, administrative and legal assistance, office rentals, on a permanent or ad hoc basis, etc. Depending on the virtual office company, these services are included in the rates or available as an option. Customers thus have a complete range of services that they can use progressively : they can for example start with a simple registered address and add services when they needs them.

The obligations of the domiciled and the domiciliary

A company that uses a registered company address must sign a registered address agreement with the one that "hosts" it (article 26-1 of Decree No 85-1280 of 5 December 1985)

The registered address agreement is written and must mention :

The obligations of the Domiciliary :

The obligations of the Domiciled :

Going through a registered company address is therefore an optimal solution for the creator who wishes to limit the risks to the maximum.

Virtual office companies support fast economic growth since they facilitate the creation of companies under legal and safe conditions.

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