Can I choose my mailing address ?

We offer a unique address in France to receive your mail. So you can not choose your address.

Do I have to indicate "UBIDOCA centre + my customer number" in my address ?

Without this mention, your mail and parcels cannot be identified as having to be delivered to our address by the postal services and private carriers. This mention also makes it possible to distinguish your UBIDOCA address from your home address, as your UBIDOCA address is only a correspondence address. Furthermore, the regulations applicable to registered companies address require a precise identification of mail, invoices and other customer documents, in particular by the use of a customer number and the reference to the domiciliary company.

Can I use my UBIDOCA address as my main address ?

French legislation forbids the registration of individuals (which induces a tax address) within a registered company address or via a website. Your UBIDOCA address is therefore only a correspondence address. Every French citizen or French resident is supposed to have a tax address in France.

So what should I do if I don't have or no longer have an address in France, so no more tax household as required by the law ?

If you are an expatriate, you should contact the Non-Resident Personal Income Tax Service (10, rue du Centre, TSA 10010,93465 NOISY-LE-GRAND Cedex. Phone: +33 (0)1 57 33 33 83 00 / Fax: +33 (0)1 57 33 81 02 or +33 (0)1 57 33 81 03 / nonresidents@dgfip.finances.gouv.fr).
If you are in France and you do not have or no longer have a permanent residence, you can set up an "attachment procedure" to be registered for tax purposes in France with a town hall or an authorised association.

Can my UBIDOCA address be used on official documents ?

Your UBIDOCA address is just a correspondence address. You can therefore not use it to obtain official documents (passport, ID card, driving licence, vehicle registration card, green insurance card, etc.), to open a bank account (in a local branch or online) and to dispose of the related banking instruments (credit card, checkbook, etc.), to apply for a loan or credit from a bank or financial institution, to apply for social assistance paid by the State or any affiliated institution (public or private).

Is my UBIDOCA address accepted by the administration, especially the national treasury, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, etc. ?

Provided that they are previously informed that it is only a correspondence address, all your mail can be sent to your UBIDOCA address without any ambiguity about the nature of this address.

Can UBIDOCA send me an address certificate ?

UBIDOCA is not entitled by the law to issue you with an address certificate. Only service providers attached to a physical address such as EDF, Engie (GDF), water authorities, Internet service providers or fixed telephony providers may do so.

What document can UBIDOCA provide me to authenticate my address with my correspondents, especially the administration ?

UBIDOCA can issue you, on request, a certificate of registered postal address (for private individuals) or a certificate of registered company address (for companies, auto-entrepreneurs and associations and domiciled within our company). You can simply contact us via our contact form. Your certificate of domicile will be sent to you within 24h.

What is the value of the postal address certificate provided by UBIDOCA ?

It attests that you receive your mail at our address, within a postal registered company address approved by the Prefecture. This certificate can be requested by your bank in particular, to send your statements and other bank mail to an address validated by you.

What is the value of the registered postal address certificate provided by UBIDOCA for companies ?

In the case of companies having signed a registered address contract with UBIDOCA, the registered company address certificate certifies that the company is legally registered within our company (i. e. that its registered office is located at our address).


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