Transfer contract with the Post Office

To ensure that UBIDOCA receives and process your postal mail on a daily basis, you must have it transferred to our company before leaving your current residence or for your expatriation.

You have 2 possibilities to set up this mail transfer :

  1. Subscribe a forwarding contract with the Post Office : all the mail you receive at your current address (ordinary or registered mail, parcels, advertising mail and catalogue) is transferred to UBIDOCA for the duration of your contract :
    • A minimum of 5 days is required for the mail transfer to be set up by the Post Office.
    • If you sign a contract on the Internet, a confidential code is sent to your current address to activate the transfer contract.
    • The mail transfer service offered by La Poste is limited in time : a maximum of 1 year (whether this transfer is permanent or temporary, national or international).
  2. Communicate directly your UBIDOCA address : either to all your regular correspondents or only to those whose mail you wish to receive at UBIDOCA.
    • Your UBIDOCA address is sent to you by email as soon as you register online on our website. You can immediately communicate it to the correspondents of your choice because it is active immediately.
    • You can easily communicate your UBIDOCA email address to the administrations (taxes, CAF, Pôle Emploi, CPAM, etc.) as well as to your bank, your insurance, your pension funds, etc.
    • The advantages of this solution : you do not need to set up a forwarding contract with the Post Office and the mail transfer is unlimited in time. In addition, the time required to transfer your mail is reduced since your correspondents write to you directly at UBIDOCA (your mail no longer passes through your former home).

You already are in your place of expatriation or already left your home without any thought for the transfer of your mail ?

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