How do I sign up for UBIDOCA ?

In order to sign up for our services, you must first choose a mail treatment and a monthly plan adapted to your needs. Start the registration process.

How do I receive my UBIDOCA address ?

You receive your UBIDOCA address by email as soon as you have completed your online registration on our website.

From when is it active ?

It is activated the next day after your registration. We can then start working for you once we received your first payment.

I did not receive my UBIDOCA address confirmation email? Is it normal?

Once your registration is complete, you receive a confirmation email. If you have not received your UBIDOCA address, we invite you to check your spam.

You may have an email address of this type : @hotmail, @live or @msn. Since November 2012, Microsoft Corporation US (on which all these email software depend) has implemented a new "spam prevention" system that could prevent you from receiving our registration confirmation email.

Before validating your registration, we invite you to modify the settings of your Microsoft mailbox as follows. If you do not wish to do so or cannot do so, you can still find our messages in the SPAM folder of your mailbox.

  1. Login to your email account
  2. On your home page, click on the configuration menu (serrated wheel) on the left side of your login and choose "Options"
  3. Under the heading "Junk mail", click on "Authorized senders"
  4. Register the domain "". Do not forget to save your modification.

What is the commitment period ?

This is a non-binding contract of at least one month's duration, the contract is tacitly renewable.

What is the free trial offer ?

The free trial offer consists of 10 pages of test mail (envelopes, photos, letters...) that you would send yourself and that we scan and upload in your Customer Space. These can not be mail sent to you by other senders. If you are satisfied with our services, simply credit your account. If you do not wish to proceed, you must keep us informed : the account is then closed.

What is the welcome offer ?

The welcome offer consists in uploading the first 10 pages of scanned mail for free in your Customer Space. It is activated after receipt of your first payment. This offer does not apply to the "No package" subscription.


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