VIP Service

Address France VIP Service

You chose one of our mail treatments : Mail Scan, Envelope Scan or Simple Forwarding ?

You want your letters and parcels to be treated with priority ?

What is this service about ?
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  • Your mail and parcels are processed with the highest priority level as soon as they are received in our premises.
  • Any envelope opening request is processed within the hour by our scanning team (or as soon as the office opens if your request was made during our closing hours).
  • We provide you with tailored advice and we meet your requests as fast as possible.

The advantages of this service :
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  • You are one of our privileged customers. All your requests are treated with minimal delay.
  • You no longer have to wait to check your mail or find out if you have received any.

How much does it cost ?

Monthly Plans Micro Eco Standard Gold Diamond no package
Monthly cost 5 € 10 € 15 € 15 € 15 € 15 €
Monthly Plans Monthly cost
micro 5 €
eco 10 €
standard 15 €
gold 15 €
diamond 15 €
no package 15 €

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