Health insurance :
are you covered in another European country ?

If a minimum period of insurance is required for entitlement to benefits in the country of establishment, the person concerned must obtain form E 104 (certificate concerning the totalisation of periods of insurance, employment or residence - sickness, maternity) from his sickness insurance fund before leaving. This form summarizes the insurance periods completed in France.

It is advisable to find out about the social security system of the host country before leaving.

Members of the expatriate worker's family members are also covered by the legislation of the host country, whether or not they reside there.

If they continue to reside in France, they must apply to the worker's foreign institution for affiliation for an E 109 form, which will enable them to register with the primary health insurance fund in their place of residence.

Situation of posted workers :

An employee seconded from France to another Member State for a limited period of time (1 year, renewable once), if his company chooses the secondment scheme, remains affiliated to the French social security scheme and continues to receive benefits under the French scheme.


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