Health insurance :
are you covered in another European country ?

Before leaving, the employer must take the necessary steps to obtain authorisation for secondment from his sickness insurance fund and submit form E 101 (certificate concerning the applicable legislation).

This form certifies that the employee on secondment to the French social security system has been maintained.

In addition, the seconded employee must request for himself and each member of his family (including children under 16 years of age) travelling with him in the EEA or Switzerland, the European Health Insurance Card (or a provisional replacement certificate) from his health insurance fund.

Situation of civil servants :

As a general rule, officials and persons treated as such, established in the EEA, are subject to the social security legislation of the Member State to which they are subject.

Situation of the non-active :

Persons residing in another Member State who receive a pension from a French organisation are normally insured in France.

When they move to the territory of another Member State (and if they do not receive a pension from that State entitling them to health care), they are entitled to sickness insurance benefits, on presentation of form E 121, issued by the French pension fund that pays their pension.


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