Selective Mail Forward

Cost : 5 credits by sending in an envelope or a parcel

You received a registered mail, a checkbook, an important mail ? You would like to get it as soon as possible ?

Ask us for an urgent mail forward : your mail is redirected the same day as your request to the address of your choice.

NB : We always forward your mail to the address indicated in your Customer Space. If you wish a mail forward to another address, you must update it from your Customer Space before making your request ; if it is only a one-time address, you can contact us by email.

Selective Mail Destruction

Cost : 3 credits per destruction request (no size limit)

You do not wish to receive some of your original mail and thus reduce the shipping costs of your scheduled forwarding ?

In this case, simply select the mail to be destroyed from your Ubidoca Customer Space. Upon receipt of your request, the mail is destroyed in our premises.

NB : If you request several mail destructions on the same day, only one destruction is charged.

Second family name or multiple first names

Cost : Free

Unmarried couple, stepfamily ?

You can add a second family name to the account holder's surname. All mails received under these two names are uploaded in the same Customer Space and forwarded together as scheduled in your monthly plan (unless you give us any specific instructions).

Use of a pseudonym

Cost : Free

You wish to remain anonymous with your correspondents ?

We can receive your mail under the nickname of your choice (please let us know when you register). Your correspondents do not know your real identity and your mail forward address remains confidential.

Sending magazine on receipt

Cost : 5 credits by mail forward (excluding stamp costs)

You have subscribed to a monthly magazine, a weekly, a daily ?

Ask us to forward it to you upon receipt. You no longer have to wait for the scheduled forwarding of all your mail to start reading your favourite magazine.

Reinforced mail container (untearable)

Cost : 1 credit per envelope

Are your return envelopes too heavy ? You are in a country where the local post is unreliable ? Your letters are travelling a long way ?

We can secure your shipments : just ask us to forward your original mail in a reinforced, tear-proof envelope. With these envelopes you avoid accidental openings or any unfortunate tearings (and thus any loss of mail).

Mail scan in superior resolution

Cost :

Would you like a higher resolution for your scanned mail ?

By default, your mail is scanned in a resolution of 96 dpi. On request we can scan your mail with a higher digital precision, this allows you to have a better image quality (heavier size of image).

Printing Document for sending

Cost : 1 credit per printed page or envelope

You want your mail to be sent from France ?

Send us the mail to be forwarded from France whether it is pre-stamped or not. You can also send us your mail by email (letter to an individual, invoices for your suppliers or customers, unpaid reminders, etc.). We print it and send it to your correspondent upon receipt. Your sendings are made easier and you save time on the delivery time of your mail.

Data transfer of large files

Cost : 15 credits per demand

You cancel your Ubidoca account and you want to recover all the scanned mail since the beginning of your subscription ?

We can send you all your scanned mail by email as a ZIP file (delivery time may vary according to your year of membership and the number of scanned mail in your Customer Space).

Returning to sender

Cost : 5 credits per returned mail

You received an unwanted mail, an inappropriate reminder ?

With a simple click from your Customer Space, have the mail in question returned to the sender via the mention RTS : "Return To Sender" (NPAI in french means : Does not live at the indicated address). Your mail is thus returned to the sender.

NB : Please note that the RTS mention (NPAI) can have some consequences regarding the administration. We cannot return a mail that has been delivered against signature, such as registered mail.

Cost : 5 credits

We store your original mail in our premises and you need the original of a mail received several months or several years ago ?

We search your entire mail stock for the mail in question and send it to the address of your choice.

Administrative form filling

Cost : 5 credits per form or mail

You have received a mail to fill in, a form to fill out ? You are travelling or do not have time to deal with it ?

We can complete the form on your behalf. You can also provide us with a stamp if you need to affix it to invoices or documents before sending.

Writing mail on your behalf

Cost : 15 credits by mail written

You need to write an administrative, legal mail and you do not know how to do it ? You do not have time to deal of it ?

Our legal department is there to help you in all your steps, even the most common ones. Send us a draft or the main ideas and we write the mail on your behalf.

Sending envelopes prepared by the customer

Cost : 1 credit per envelope (excluding stamp costs)

You want to send the same mail, flyer or brochure to several people (whether you are a private customer or a business) ?

We can carry out a large number of sendings (with or without printing).

NB : If you want to identify your mail, you can send us customised stamps with your own company or association logo. Or send us your stamp to affix on all the envelopes.

Fax reception

Cost : 0.5 credit

Would you like to receive faxes ?

We provide you with a fax number. As soon as we receive a fax for you, you are notified by email. The fax is then uploaded in your Customer Space like any other mail.

NB : Make sure to communicate well your contact details to your correspondents (customer number) in order to ensure to correct distribution of your faxes.

Sending Fax

Cost : 2 credits

How can you send a fax ?

Simply send us the document to be faxed by email (in Word or PDF file) and we forward it to your correspondent.

Invoice payment on your behalf

Cost : 5 credits per paid invoice + commission of 1.6% of the invoice amount

You have received one or more invoices to pay ? You are travelling and do not have time to deal with it ?

We can pay your invoices based on the original mail in our premises (or the invoices you send us by email). In the first case, you can request it from your Customer Space by clicking on the "Pay" button at the bottom of the scanned mail where the invoice appears or by sending us the invoice by email.

NB : In order to ensure a good service, the balance of your Ubidoca account must cover the amount of the invoices to be paid (+ commission) ; your Ubidoca account must have been credited only by wire transfer.

Processing cheques from your customers

Cost : 5 credits per deposit (max 5 cheques)

Did you get a cheque to cash in the bank ? You are travelling and do not have time to do it ? Do you want to cash them quickly without waiting for the scheduled forwarding of all your mail ?

We can do the necessary for you and send them to your bank. It is up to you to check with your bank if it agrees to cash unsigned cheques on the back (we do not sign).

In case of recurring requests or if you are a business, we advise you to send us a cheque remittance book. We fill it out and upload it in your Customer Space. We then send them at standard mail rate (unless you gave us specific instructions).

NB : You can also send us a stamp with your address and signature so that your cheques are fully authenticated and can be easily cashed by your bank.

French Postal Address Certificate

Cost : 5 credits per certificate

Need to prove your Ubidoca address to your correspondents ?

We can send you a certificate of registered postal address certifying that you receive your mail or your parcels to your Ubidoca address since the day of your registration.

NB : this postal certificate does not constitute a proof of residence.

Issuing a complaint with a carrier

Cost : 15 credits per request

Your parcel arrived damaged or late ? Your parcel never arrived ? Your tracked mail, your registered mail got lost ?

It is up to us (the sender) to fill out a complaint with the Post Office. So do not hesitate: we take care of everything.

NB : the consequences given by the Post Office are very random: a confirmation mail is sometimes sent ; the search times take from 15 days to 2 months, refunds are not guaranteed if no additional insurance was taken out at the time of shipment.

Change of mail forwarding address

Cost : 5 credits per letter sent (excluding stamp fees) and 15 credits if mail written

No time to notify your correspondents of your new mailing address ? You do not want to subscribe to a transfer contract via the Post Office ?

We can write a standard mail on your behalf and forward it to each of your regular correspondents (bank, insurance, etc.) to inform them about your new address.

Reinforcement parcel

Cost : Included in service

The contents of your parcel are fragile, heavy ? Your parcel is going to travel a long way ?

Ask us to consolidate your parcel received in our premises for a more secure shipment: scotch, reinforcement tape, double cardboard, add a mention (fragile).

NB : For 2 parcels or more, this service is considered as a parcel grouping.

Parcel grouping

Cost : 1 reception and forwarding per parcel

You are expecting several packages and you prefer to make only one shipment ? Would you like to reduce your shipping costs ?

We can group your parcels according to your instructions up to 30 kg for shipments in France and Europe and 20 kg for international shipments. Beyond that, you must use the services of a private carrier (Fedex, DHL, UPS, etc.). Parcels are forwarded the same day of receipt in one and only package to save you shipping costs.

NB : In case you should receive packages over several days, storage charges apply 48H after receipt and depending on the size of your packages. Make sure to book a parcelBOX.

Parcel splitting

Cost : 1 reception and forwarding per parcel

You are expecting a package whose contents are intended for different people or have to be sent to different addresses ?

We can recondition your parcel: open it and split its contents (according to your instructions) in different parcels. The parcels thus reconstituted is forwarded the same day to the persons or addresses that you would previously communicate to us.

Other possibility: you can send us parcels containing other parcels already ready for splitting (with the addressee's address indicated on the parcel). We then only have to create the labels and stick them on the parcels.

Photos of your parcel

Cost : 1 credit per parcel

You want to make sure that your parcels are delivered correctly (no visible damage, overview of the size of your parcel) ? Would you like to have an idea of the contents and the shape of your parcel ready to be sent?

Simply ask us to take a photo of your parcel upon receipt or before its forwarding. The photo is sent by email the day we receive your parcel or the day it is collected from our premises.

NB : you can request this service for all your parcels or for a particular one.

Parcel wrap

Cost : 3 credits per parcel

The contents of your package are identifiable (photo on the packaging, logo or identifiable shape without opening) ?

We can wrap your parcels with an opaque black film for more discretion and thus avoid thefts during transit.

NB : this service is highly recommended when you order online (Amazon, Zara, Aliexpress. com, etc.) because their packages are often highly identifiable with a logo (Amazon) or a picture of the contents on the packaging.

Quality Control

Cost : 3 credits per parcel

Do you want us to check the contents of your parcel to make sure nothing has been forgotten? The packaging of your parcel is damaged on arrival at our premises?

On request we can check the contents of your parcel upon receipt and make a complete inventory from an invoice or email you sent us.

It happens that your parcel is delivered in a torn or damaged cardboard box, we proceed to the verification of the contents of your parcel before accepting it. You are thus reassured on the contents of your parcel which is closed and consolidated before forwarding.

Additional Insurance

Cost : Free

Your parcel contains valuable goods ? You are afraid it might be damaged or lost on the way ?

Ask us (before forwarding the parcel) to insure your shipment according to the value of the goods. This service is highly recommended when your parcel contains computer equipment for example and we have to forward it internationally to countries where the local Post is not reliable. In case of deterioration or loss, you thus get a better refund.

. NB : your parcels are insured by default at the minimum rate provided by the Post Office or by the carrier.

Parcel refusal (requested by the customer)

Cost : 3 credits per parcel

You ordered by mistake on a website ? The sender sent you a package to your Ubidoca address when you wanted to receive it directly at your place of residence ?

Ask us to refuse the parcel as soon as it is delivered by the Post Office or by the carrier.

NB : Please inform us well before the delivery of the parcel because once delivered, we'll have to pay for sending it back to you. This applies to parcels delivered against signature and parcels delivered by private carrier.


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