Office Postal Address

Without registered office

Office Address Mail France

Your company requires a simple postal address in France ?

This postal address in France does not need to be registered in the Trade Directory ?

You wish to operate remotely your business in France ?

Ubidoca enables you to get an office postal address in France to receive letters and parcels and operate remotely as efficiently as if you were physically based in France.

How does it work ?




Daily Reception



1 Registration
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2 Daily reception
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  • Your mail and parcels are received in our premises from Monday to Friday and processed according to your needs (see our different ways to process your mail below).

3 Forwarding
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We propose 3 ways to process your mail

mail scan

Mail France Scan, Mail address in France
Mail opened and scanned
in your
Customer Space
Monthly forwarded

envelope Scan

Mail France, scan envelope
Mail opened on request
in your
Customer Space
Monthly forwarded

Simple forwarding

Mail France Forward, Forward Mail France
Mail received
Monthly forwarded

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