Complete mail costs list

Address in France, Mail Costs

The credits included in your prepaid monthly plan are used as follows :

Most common mail services
Mail handling (reception) 0.2 credit per mail, offered if we scan it
Mail scan 1 credit per scanned page
Envelope scan 0.5 credit per scanned envelope
Mail forward 5 credits per forwarded container (large envelope or parcel)
Invoice payment on your behalf 5 credits per invoice + 1.6% of the amount
Account activation fee no fee
Account re-activation fee no fee
Account termination fee no fee

Important note :

The carrier costs are invoiced in addition to our service, as they depend on the destination, weight / volume of the object sent and shipping method that you choose. For reference :

Additional services
Mail sender identification and keywords input 0.2 credit per mail item
Search of stored mail 5 credits per mail
Reinforced mail container (untearable) 1 credit per container
Selective mail destruction 3 credits per destruction demand (no size limit)
Second family name or multiple first names offered
Use of a pseudonym (e.g. artist name) offered
Change of mail forwarding address offered
Daily transfer by email of your mail in a ZIP file offered
Mail scans in superior resolution 1.5
credits for 150 dpi
credits for 300 dpi
credits for 600 dpi
French postal address certificate 5 credits per certificate
Issuing a complaint with a carrier (lost or damaged object) 15 credits per claim

Are you looking for a price that is not indicated on this page ? For services like :

  • Sending checks addressed to you
  • Writing mail on your behalf
  • Printing documents to be sent

Prices are available in the business accounts section : Virtual Office.

Related subscriptions
VIP Service : your mail within the hour from 5 to 15 euros per month, see the service page
Banking secret option offered
Monthly destruction of your mail from 1 to 5 euros per month, see the service page
Mail filtering (eg. advertisements) from 1 to 8 euros per month, see the service page
Planned mail storage from 1 to 10 euros per month, 1st month offered, see the service page
Planned mail storage > 10 kg 14 euros per month
Planned mail storage > 20 kg 20 euros per month
Unplanned mail storage 8.5 euros per month
Commissions, exceptional costs
Customer research due to an incomplete or incorrect delivery address 2 credits per mail
Certified mail refusal 2 credits per mail
Illegal use of your Ubidoca address (eg. on a passport) 15 euros per mail

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