Complete Virtual Office Costs List

Address France, Virtual Office Costs
Virtual office subscriptions
Registered independent contractor address in France 5 euros per month
Registered company address in France 20 euros per month
Registered association address in France 5 euros per month

The credits included in your prepaid monthly plan are used as follows :

Most common mail services
Mail handling (reception) 0.2 credit per mail, offered if we scan it
Mail scan 1 credit per scanned page
Envelope scan 0.5 credit per scanned envelope
Mail forward 5 credits per forwarded container (large envelope or parcel)
Invoice payment on your behalf 5 credits per invoice + 1.6% of the amount
Processing cheques from your customers 5 credits per batch of cheques (max 5 cheques)
Sending envelopes prepared by the customer 0.5 credit per envelope
Document printing for sending 1 credit per printed page
Sending documents for the client 1 credit per envelope

Important notes :

The carrier costs are invoiced in addition to our service, as they depend on the destination, weight / volume of the object sent and shipping method that you choose. For reference :

Additional services
Company creation : formalities quotation
Writing mail on your behalf 15 credits per page
Fax reception 0.5 credit per page
Sending faxes 2 credits per fax
Relaying messages from your customers 6 credits per message
Administrative form filling 5 credits per page
Mail scans in superior resolution 1.5
credits for 150 dpi
credits for 300 dpi
credits for 600 dpi
Data transfer of large files (ZIP, FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox) 15 credits per demand

Are you looking for a price that is not indicated on this page ?

Prices include VAT. It is possible not to invoice VAT for companies based in Europe outside France.

Related subscriptions
VIP Service : your mail within the hour from 5 to 15 euros per month, see the service page
Receive calls from your customers 15 euros per month
Virtual telephone in France 5 euros per month
Ubidoca address on Internet 5 euros per month
Monthly destruction of your mail from 1 to 5 euros per month, see the service page
Mail filtering (eg. advertisements) from 1 to 8 euros per month, see the service page
Planned mail storage from 1 to 10 euros per month, 1st month offered, see the service page
Planned mail storage > 10 kg 14 euros per month
Planned mail storage > 20 kg 20 euros per month
Unplanned mail storage 7 euros per month
Commissions, exceptional costs
Customer research due to an incomplete or incorrect delivery address 2 credits per mail
Certified mail refusal 2 credits per mail
Missing billing address 5 euros per week, at the 4th reminder
Bailiff or other official inquiry 10 euros per visit
Illegal use of your Ubidoca address (e.g. on a passport) 15 euros per mail

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